A convenient, comfortable, time-saving way to select options and finishing touches for your new Landmark home all in one place.


New Home Design FireplaceThe Design Gallery is part of Landmark Homes' corporate office at 1737 W. Main Street in Clay Township, just west of Ephrata in Lancaster County, PA. No stockpile of sample books and product catalogues here; instead, room-size installations and décor allow customers to walk through the spaces and view, touch and compare a host of product options.

This Design Gallery bears little resemblance to standard product showrooms of the past. Landmark’s home design specialists envisioned an environment more like home, one that would improve the selection process.

Many elements affect the way something looks. Each form of lighting, for example, makes a subtle change in the color you see. For this reason, home buyers should view products as they would appear in the home and under varying lighting conditions.

Another consideration is spatial relationships, which involves room size and furnishings. A house is one unit, yet it contains multiple rooms with different functions. Each room has its own visual and spatial elements, which must work in relationship to each other as well as with the home itself. Those cabinets you saw under the spotlights of a commercial showroom will look quite different in a gallery kitchen next to appliances, painted walls and a nine-foot ceiling.

These subtle adjustments to the viewing and selecting environment give Landmark’s customers a quicker, easier and more true-to-life way of choosing items for their new homes.

And when questions arise, Landmark’s experienced design professionals are available for one-on-one customizing support, helping homeowners identify and define their ideas while staying within budget.

The Design Gallery is open by appointment Monday - Friday 8AM - 4:30PM.

Get a special sneak peek of your new home personalization options during our NEW preview hours! The Design Gallery will be open to preview on October 21st, 12-4 PM.

For more information, contact your Community Sales Manager or call/text anytime to 717-283-5790. 



At the Design Gallery, you can see and choose interior and exterior selections, such as cabinetry and hardware, flooring, counter tops, appliances, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, brick, stone, siding, driveway materials, courtyard options, and outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.

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