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Flex space rooms are becoming more and more common in new home construction. With a room that’s not designated for a particular purpose, you can create a well-designed, functional space that is reflective of your lifestyle!

How should you use your flex space? The options are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started: Landmark Office

Home Office- Whether it’s to work from home or an area to pay the bills – it’s a great way to keep paperwork all in one room and easy to organize. Add a sofa bed or keep an air mattress on hand and it can double as a guest room if needed!

Home School- With many families choosing to home school their children, it is a great option to keep the “school-life” separate from “home-life”. Store the school supplies, add a work/study space, and arrange cozy seating for reading and you have the formula for a functional and well-designed home class room.

Landmark HomeCraft space- So many crafts…so little time! With a craft room you can keep your supplies and your art work out from a start to finish. Design with functional lighting, install shelving, and storage niches to keep your space organized and efficient.

Exercise room- Why drag yourself to the gym when all you have to do is head to your exercise room? Hop on a treadmill or stretch on a yoga mat all in the privacy of your own home. One less excuse not to work out!

Game room- This can be a designated space to play video games and store them all in one room--No more searching for controllers or charging stations. Add a table and chairs and you've got the perfect space for game nights with family or friends.

Man Cave- A special retreat for the man of the house. Adorn with sports or movie memorabilia, add a big screen TV and it could act as a game or a media room, too.

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Media Room- A perfect room for the movie aficionado. Sit, relax, and view your favorite movie by yourself or with friends. Decorate it with cozy furniture, a place to set your popcorn and drink, adjustable lighting, and a wall mount television or a projector screen and you are ready to watch your films in style and comfort.

Quiet Room- Use your quiet room to relax, meditate, pray, or reflect. Keep clutter and distractions to a minimum and furnish with soothing colors and comfort in mind.

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