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15 Home Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer

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With backyard barbeques and blazing summer heat right around the corner, it’s time to take a look around the house and make sure your home is ready for the season! From checking your air conditioning units to cleaning up the yard, here are a few maintenance tips to get your home summer ready! 



1. Test out your smoke detectors, and replace the batteries as needed. While you're at it, make sure to check your carbon monoxide detectors as well! 

2. Have your air conditioning unit checked and serviced, and replace the filter. This can help extend the life of your unit, and may help reduce the need for costly repairs. 

3. Dust ceiling fan blades, and ensure that the fan is working properly. Reverse the direction of the ceiling fan if necessary. 

4. Clean out the dryer vent and exhaust duct. This can be done at any time of year, but clogged dust and lint in your dryer vents can cause a house fire, so it's best to make sure they're cleared out. 

5. Clean your windows inside and out. You'll be surprised how much additional light will pour in, and how much clearer the view will be. 

6. Pressure wash the outside of your home. 

7. Repair and repaint any chipped, cracking or faded exterior paint. Not only will this improve your homes curb appeal, it will also help protect your home against the elements. 

8. Add fresh caulk to your windows and doors to keep away any unwanted bugs and ants. 

9. Clean out your gutters and downspouts. Summer storms and high winds can often wreak havoc on our gutters with unwanted debris.

10. Give your deck a quick check up. This means, checking to make sure there are no rotten boards, hammering any loose nails, and checking to see if your deck needs to be resealed by pouring water on it.

11. Clean your patio furniture. If the fabric comes off your cushions, throw in a warm wash and air dry, otherwise you can clean them using a soft scrub brush, dish soap, and warm water. 

12. Scrub down your grill. Heating the grill for a few minutes at a high temperature will make it easier to scrape the gunk off of the cook box. Make sure to disconnect the gas line and let the grill cool before cleaning. 

13. Tidy up the flower beds. Clear out weeds and use a spade to redefine bed edges. 

14. Add a layer of mulch to your yard. This will help with fighting off weeds and making sure your soil retains moisture during the hot summer months. 

15. Finally, make sure to inspect the roof for any curling, cracked or missing shingles. Also keep an eye out for damaged metal flashing around the chimney, pipes, and skylights.