Sell a new Landmark home and receive your commission faster when you opt for QUICK CASH!

At Landmark Homes our goal is to make it easy and REWARDING for you to sell our homes to your clients. That’s why we offer you the option for QUICK CASH – a program designed to pay you 75% of your sales commission upfront. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sell a new Landmark home to your client (For details on Landmark Homes’ Real Estate Professional relations and standard sales commission payment, ask a Landmark Community Sales Manager.) Please register as your client's buyer's agent prior to or at the first visit.

  2. Select “Quick Cash” on the Real Estate Professional Compensation Agreement document (submitted at the time of your client signing the agreement of sale to purchase the new Landmark home.)

  3. Landmark Homes will issue payment of 75% of the total sales commission to you.*

  4. The remaining 25% of your sales commission will be paid upon settlement** of your client’s Landmark home.

* Not valid on Quick Move In Home sales. Total sales commission based on 2.5% (net) of signed contract price. 75% of the total sales commission will be mailed to the Real Estate Professional's office within 14 days of lot settlement for a construction loan, within 14 days of loan commitment/appraisal for an end loan, or within 14 days after Seller receives the Building Permit for a spot lot (Buyer owns land not located in a community in which Seller is an approved builder). In the rare instance that an agreement of sale is rescinded/cancelled, the 75% sales commission advancement must be repaid to Landmark Homes by the Real Estate Professional within 30 days of the agreement of sale rescission/cancellation.

** Remaining 25% of the sales commission will be mailed to the Real Estate Professional's office after settlement of his/her client’s Landmark home.




To be eligible to receive commission on the sale of a Landmark Home, Real Estate Professionals must be registered as their client’s buyer’s agent prior to or upon the buyer’s first visit to a Landmark community.

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